Sex work in Las Vegas: Top five facts

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Prostitution is illegal in most United States. However, people think that Nevada rules are different. They assume that prostitution is legal due to the high number of female escorts that advertise their services online. Though this is the case to some extent, it’s important to know how sex work is governed by the Nevada law. People visit this city with the mentality that commercial sex work is legal here only to end up in trouble with law enforcers. To avoid facing criminal charge/s, familiarize yourself with legal boundaries that govern sex work.

Here are the top 5 facts about sex work in Sin City:

1.  Commercial Sex Work is Illegal

According to the State of Nevada, prostitution is legal. However, it has caveat that brothels are permitted in counties with less than 700,000 people only. Las Vegas is located in Clark County. The population of this county is more than 700,000. Therefore, prostitution is not legal in this city. So, if you want to hire a companion in this city, make sure that you don’t do it like you are hiring a commercial sex worker.

·        Sex Workers Must Follow Safety Rules

Where commercial sex workers establish brothels, they must follow the safety rules established by the state. For instance, they must undergo blood testing every month. This test screens them for syphilis and HIV. The workers are also required to undergo periodic testing for the other STDs. It is illegal for sex workers to offer their services before they demonstrate to the state that they do not have STIs.

·        Brothel License Application Requires Background Check

When applying to manage or run a brothel, the law requires you to undergo a background check. This includes disclosing your identity and that of the person that will manage the brothel. The state also requires business financing disclosure.

·        Providing Companionship is Legal in Sin City

Legally speaking, providing companionship is legal in Sin City. That’s because companions are defined as individuals that are hired to accompany others in private or public settings. Their services are therefore legal in Las Vegas and the entire Clark County.

·        The Sex Work Industry is Thriving in Sin City

This city has the most thriving and vivid body industry. In addition to outdoor erotic marketing, there are strip clubs and streets where men pick up prostitutes. There are also girls that specialize in providing outcall adult entertainment. Even more explicit, there are commercial sex businesses thriving in town.

Las Vegas has many prostitutes that are eager to meet you and satisfy your sexual needs. But, instead of picking a prostitute, it’s advisable to hire an escort service with a reputable agency to ensure your safety.

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