Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner This Winter To Keep Things Warm


This winter, there exist many sex positions that can keep the fire burning. Consider some of these top ideas; they are worth a try. One of the best sex positions for this time of year is called crab walk. It involves lying on your back and raising the pelvis to make contact with each other’s bare skin. The clitoral stimulation you will get from this position is very rewarding, and your partner will no doubt enjoy it!

The missionary position is another fun one for the cold season. Both partners lie down on the floor in this doggy-style variation. As one enters, the receiving partner raises his or her hips and thrusts while their legs are bent tight together; thus making a missionary that can be tipped over sideways and looped around the lower limbs of the entering individual. In addition, both partners will feel warmer due to body temperature they generate which does not only make sex unforgettable but also beautiful.

Modified wheelbarrow is an intense and exciting pose that requires you to lie down on only half of a double bed. Your partner has to lie flat on his back holding onto your arms while wrapping his legs around them too. The results are fierce but tremendous as well leaving you craving for more stocky moves like doggy style.The above positions are suitable for flirty talks and whispering sweet things into each other’s ears. On those brave nights you may wish to attempt seated wheelbarrows.

In snow weather conditions, take into account fetal position for a romantic night in snow or outdoor activity such as skiing when it’s too cold outside. Your lover would feel wrapped about you like a womb in a bear suit! This makes her feel secure and cozy, yet you both shiver with pleasure; after all she holds own warmth emitted by your bodies alone! If all else fails then 69’ing might do wonders although physically more challenging to achieve satisfaction as per your desires.

It is quite easy to stay warm while having sex during winter time. The lotus position is one of the most comfy and sweet positions for two. A table, couch or edge of a bed can make it even more exciting. Another extreme position is called hug sex, which you may also try. They are also great warming up posts and often preferred in winter.

Lotus position might be an excellent idea for a romantic winter evening out. It means using your partner’s body as a blanket and it is preferable for couples who do not know much about lovemaking techniques. Those who love rubbing their dicks against each other should certainly select lotus too. Finally, this fabulous posture called Fetal Position works well during cold snowy days!


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