Legalization Of Prostitution In India

Legalization of Prostitution In India has been an ongoing discussion topic among people across the world. As per the records of Indian Ministry of Home affairs and Family affairs has stated that in the year 2021 there was an increase in the number of people having sex for money or for any other purposes. Legalization of Prostitution is therefore of major concern to the government. The legal fraternity in India has also taken a stand against this criminal activity by bringing into practice various legislations to protect the rights of women, minors and persons engaged in transactional sex. These legislations have helped in reducing the menace of Prostitution to a great extent.

The government has formulated various legislations that are focused towards criminalizing and legalized the profession of prostitution. ” LEGALIZE POVERTY OF THIS NEW YEAR: The federal government has been repeatedly talking about the need to legalize prostitution. The law of each state in India agrees with the federal government’s stand on this issue. Hence, the demand and practice of prostitution has been legalized by the federal government all around the country.”

” LEGALIZE PROSTITUTION: All the countries across the globe are focusing on the problem of prostitution. There have been debates and discussions regarding this issue at international level. The representatives of different countries are continuously trying to come up with a consensus on this matter. They have also decided to legalize the prostitution act among the sex workers in their respective countries. The European Union, United Nations and other international organizations are working towards this specific goal.

” EXPECTATION FOR THE LEGALIZATION OF POPULARITY OF THE ACT: The main reason behind the introduction of these laws is to put an end to the menace of prostitution which is found at different places in India. Prostitution is considered as an inhuman trade practiced in the red light areas among the poor people. They are engaged in this job for money. Since the demand for prostitution is on the rise, it is now clear that the government has to do something about it to earn the revenue out of it.

” POPULARITY OF THE ACT: Every country in the world has some form of law against prostitution. Prostitution can be regarded as a social evil. It can be linked to several diseases among the women and can even lead to fatal problems like sexually transmitted diseases. For this reason, it is considered important that the people are well-educated and that they understand this act deeply”.

” LEGALIZATION OF PROSTITUTION: The major aim behind the legalization of prostitution in India is to provide a moral support to those who are involved in this illegal business. Prostitution has been considered as an immoral trade practiced in the poor red light areas. It is also linked to several other diseases among the women and is a source of social imbalance. The main problem related to this trade is that the people are not ready to embrace the idea of morality while accepting money for the services that are rendered by the prostitutes.

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